Uniform Officers:

Employee thefts, shoplifting, ORT/ORC, Robberies and Burglaries are a few of the day to day observations our Uniform Officers will make. Our officers are well trained to monitor such activities and immediately report their observations to our clients and if necessary to the local law enforcement agencies. Our officers  are very familiar with the penal codes and will act only within those guidelines.
Loss Prevention Agents:

Companies are using several methods to help reduce shrink. Loss Prevention Agents is a useful tool used on the floor to detect, deter and if necessary apprehend shoplifters and boosters. Our Loss Prevention Agents are the best in the industry and are all trained on PC 490.5, 459 and 488. They write adequate reports and will testify in court if called upon ensuring that our client's bottom line and reputation are both protected. 
Lobby Ambassadors:

Our Lobby Ambassadors are trained to handle incidents like employee thefts, shoplifting, ORT/ORC, Robberies and Burglaries. These officers are assigned in a hotel or office building and have additional training in customer service and will immediately report any suspicious activities to our clients and if necessary to the local law enforcement agencies.
Electronic Security Systems:

Electronic Security Systems such as CCTV Card Readers and RFID are other forms of tools used in the fight against shrink. That being said, Inland Security constantly train it's officers to operate these systems. The officers monitor and document all activities on or off our client's facility. Images can then be stored on hard drives or some other form of removable storage device and can be a very useful tool in court. 
Special Projects:

City Fairs, Graduations, Parties, Races, Games just to name a few. Call us with your event information and security needs.
Strike Teams:

Inland Security Services will provide officers to assist in the management of client's facility in the event of a strike. Our officers will follow only those directives given by our clients and will immediately report any incidents to the clients.
Security Consulting:

Inland Security Services is poised to provide prospective and current clients with an extensive security consultation. Upon completion I.S.S. will provide a written report with recommendations on how to better provide adequate security for your  employees and customers.

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