Inland Security management philosophy is based on responsibility and mutual respect. People come to Inland Security because we've created an environment that encourages creativity and achievement. Inland Security aims at becoming the leader in customer service. The mainstay of our strategy will be to offer a level of client focus that is superior to that offered by our competitors.

To help achieve this objective, Inland Security employs highly motivated and experienced employees that work as a team and share in the commitment, responsibility, motivation and discipline required to achieve our vision. As a part of attracting these special individuals we build a culture that promotes both uniqueness and a bias for action. While being realistic in setting goals and expectations, Inland Security remains dedicated and supportive to its employees as they are the key elements in maintaining our commitment to our clients.

Our goal is to:
  • Always provide consistent, reliable and professional services to all our clients.
  • Strive to maintain 100% client satisfaction 100% of the time.
  • Create long term sustainability by focusing on improving our performance.
  • Our number one priority is for the safety of all our employees, clients and client's representatives.
  • Always employ professional, attentive, trustworthy, honest and confident Security Officers.

Inland Security is perfectly positioned to help you meet the growing concerns of your customers and employees. Satisfying customers  takes efficient, responsive and professional services; Inland Security have surpassed the competition by offering professional services to all our clients. At Inland Security we believe that each client contributes directly to the growth and success of the company. We understand that professional relationships have to be earned and easier understood when everyone is aware of the culture and values of the organization.

At Inland Security Services,

"We Value What We Give, and Give What We Value!"

Key Performance Measurements

  • Professional Officers
  • Service dispute resolution
  • Quarterly client surveys
  • Officer's performance checklist
  • Customer satisfaction indices
  • On-time best practices
  • Billing dispute resolution
  • Customer retention ratio

Inland Security Services

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